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The agenda and format we have developed for Reliability Ireland is geared towards
responding to the most critical information and knowledge gaps you, as an engineer
in industry, are seeking to address right now.
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Attend Reliability Ireland to stay abreast of the evolving reliability and maintenance toolkik

The condition monitoring toolkit contain many elements – from vibration analysis and thermography to lubrication oil analysis – all aimed at increasing equipment uptime, mean time between maintenance (MTBM), component lifetime, production rates and overall operations effectiveness (OOE).

At the same time, industry is placing high hopes on the potential of new technologies enabled by big data, wireless communications, the internet of things, AI/machine learning and augmented reality. On average, companies expect to reduce operational costs by 3.6% p.a., while increasing efficiency by 4.1% annually through Industry 4.0 approaches. 

Significantly, the biggest challenge to Industry 4.0 cited by industrial leaders isn’t technology – it is the people, as success largely depends on how well digital leaders define, lead, and communicate the transformation and the digital qualifications of the employees who will roll out digital processes and services.

And when it comes to execution, even the best-laid plans can be fraught with human frustrations. Perhaps none of this is surprising since reliability excellence requires more than just maintenance excellence. Projects regularly under-deliver due to a lack of understanding of and commitment to reliability throughout the organisation from operators right through to CXO level and from design to procurement.

Source: Industry 4.0: Building the Digital Enterprise, PwC, 2016;  and After the Fall: The Costs, Causes & Consequences of Unplanned Downtime; Vanson Bourne and ServiceMax, 2017.

All these elements will feature strongly on the conference agenda.

Key themes of Reliability Ireland will include

21st Century Condition Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance

Next-Generation Reliability & Asset Management for Industry 4.0

Strategy, leadership, training and culture for project success

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Reliability Ireland  is an Engineers Ireland CPD approved event, meaning that attendance at this conference qualifies you for over 15 Engineers Ireland-approved CPD hours, supporting maintenance of your Chartered Engineer status.

“A very informative and interesting conference. I will be bringing what I have learned into my workplace and look forward to next year’s event.”

Reliability Ireland Delegate

“A well-organised event. Very good sponsors, excellent selection of topics and speakers, excellent time management.”

Reliability UK Delegate

“Fantastic networking opportunities with like-minded industry professionals and speakers post-presentation.”

Reliability Ireland Delegate

“The speakers were interesting, engaging, passionate and motivating.”

Reliability UK Delegate

“An excellent forum for Irish industry with engineers, academics, and exposure to international players in the same place.”

Reliability Ireland Delegate

“It has allowing us to assess where are we are on the reliability journey.”

Reliability UK Delegate

Invest in your professional development

& improve your company’s performance

As a reliability professional, we understand the importance of your role to your company’s performance, profitability and reputational health. By optimising asset lifetime and uptime, you directly contribute to profitability, health and safety and business continuity. Your leadership enables colleagues and consumers to enjoy vital products and services cost-effectively and safely, without interruption.
We understand how busy you are. But with so much evolution and convergence of core technologies, you need to invest time in developing your own skill-set, knowledge-base and network. That most probably means taking time out of the office or off the plant to shift your focus from the here and now to consider what is coming down the tracks and the implications for your role.
We aim to give you that head-space and those perspectives with Reliability Ireland, while you will also learn from industry leaders and get a feel for the collective pulse of the conference floor on where industry is at right now. You can then bring that back to your own company and start implementing changes to take your organisation’s reliability to the next level.