Rendela K. Wenzel

Global Reliability and Maintenance Leader, Eli Lilly and Company, USA



Eli Lilly’s CBM2020 Approach to Industry 4.0

Rendela is currently the Global Reliability and Maintenance Leader for Eli Lilly and Company. Rendela has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA in Business Administration. Her role includes providing technical leadership and oversight of the Global Reliability Technical Team, coordinating reliability initiatives around the world, and leading the Corporate Lubrication Program. She has extensive relaibility and maintenance experience developing and implementing successful PdM programs, leading RCA activities, and driving maintenance execution initiatives.

Prior to Lilly, she was the Lead Reliability Engineer supporting the Crankshaft Steel Business Unit at Navistar; an Operations and Maintenance Manager at Chrysler, overseeing the cleaning and core rooms, and, as a Process Engineer, supporting the mixing lines at Pillsbury.

She is the SMRP Indiana Chair, serves as the Vice Chair of the ICML Board of Directors, and is an Industrial Advisory Board member at Purdue University. Rendela is a Level 2 Machinery Lubricant Analyst, Level 2 Vibration Analyst, a Level 1 Infrared Analyst, and a Level 1 Ultrasonics Analyst. She is a Six Sigma Greenbelt, RCM facilitator, a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional, and a Certified Reliability Leader. She has also attained the rank of Captain in the United States Army.

In addition to talking about Eli Lilly’s 2020 vision for Industry 4.0 condition-based monitoring, Rendela with co-present a second paper with ICML’s Leslie Fish Introducing ICML 55 in Relation to Lubricated Asset Management and ISO 55000