Polar IceTech

Stand 23

Polar IceTech is a dry-ice blasting specialist that partners with Irish industry to create and develop cleaning processes that are more lean, efficient and cost-effective. We work with key decision makers to help them reduce downtown, increase efficiencies and reduce costs by introducing eco-friendly cryogenic (CO2) cleaning solutions.

Polar IceTech analyses the cleaning process data before (current cleaning methods) and after (dry ice blasting) and uses this to identify and continuously improve on the efficiencies offered by dry ice as a cleaning media.

We use specialised equipment and processes to clean high value, moisture-sensitive and abrasive-sensitive critical assets, including process and production equipment with dry ice (solid carbon dioxide).

Established in 2005, Polar IceTech is an award-winning company and the only Irish company providing this level of dry ice blasting expertise to Industry. Over the past 12 years, we have learned and developed our knowledge about this unique process. We have engineered equipment and processes to deliver even greater results for customers and have trained operators to the highest standards. Furthermore, we continue to engage with specialists to ensure that the solutions offered are delivering the lean measures promised.