MRG Laboratories

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Based in York, Pennsylvania, MRG Labs is the leader in  machine reliability grease sampling solutions, grease analysis services and  associated education.

Grease Analysis

Our customized grease test slates are designed to identify the specific failure modes that may be damaging the component. Each analysis report come with comments and recommendations unique to the component to improve reliability.

Lube Oil Analysis

MRG’s experts have been performing in-depth oil analysis for over 25 years. Our Lube Oil Analysis monitors the health of oil-lubricated equipment with a comprehensive testing slate. Oils are assessed in three categories: wear, oxidation and physical properties.

Root Cause Failure Analysis

Root Causes Analysis includes a complete root-cause failure report and recommendations for further monitoring and corrective actions. MRG will test for grease consistency, oxidation, product contamination and wear metals utilizing the Grease Thief Analyzer die extrusion test, FT-IR, R.U.L.E.R. and RDE Spectroscopy. Testing also includes Analytical Ferrography and Rheometer testing. It includes the submission of a failed component and visual inspection for root cause analysis.

Grease Thief Thursdays

These free webinars are held every third Thursday at 1pm (EST) and feature demonstrations, presentations and case studies of the world of grease sampling and analysis. Led by Rich Wurzbach and the MRG Labs team, these sessions provide Q&A opportunities.


MRG Labs provides training in lubrication, lubricant analysis, root cause failure analysis, infrared thermography and customized reliability topics.