Leslie Fish

Executive Director, International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML)

Introducing ICML 55 in Relation to Lubricated Asset Management and ISO 55000

Leslie Fish is the Executive Director of ICML (the International Council for Machinery Lubrication). She has extensive experience in testing and certification. Leslie is ICML’s representative to PEMAC, MARCON and SMRP. She was a former senior executive in the trade education industry, including HVAC, automotive, welding and medical and has provided training to large groups within these industries.

In this co-presentation, Leslie and Rendela Wenzel will introduce the ICML’s new international standard, ICML 55, which has been designed to serve the needs of the reliability community who are responsible for asset management of lubricated machinery. Because ISO 55001 does not specifically mention words like reliability, maintenance, lubrication or oil analysis, many professionals have questioned how this important standard can be applied to lubricated mechanical assets. This new document from ICML provides tactical specificity of the deployment of a modern lubrication and oil analysis program a large number of plant assets.

In their presentation, Leslie and Rendela will explain how this document doesn’t compete or conflict with ISO 55001, but rather supports it by providing details on how compliance and certification can be achieved for physical assets against reliability and maintenance cost.  In addition, they will outline the next iterations of the certification and auditing documents and describe how the maintenance and reliability community can apply the 12 categories to optimise asset utilisation