David McWilliams

Economist, Advisor, Journalist & Professor
Keynote Speaker at Reliability Ireland

Engineering – what could possibly go wrong? And  how global economics may impact your project planning

Always insightful and often funny, whatever the topic, David McWilliams  never fails to get audiences thinking—usually a bit differently. As an entertainer and provocateur, David has a rare capacity to empower everyone from business leaders to the ordinary ‘Joe Soap’ with greater confidence about how economics works, so they can approach it with fresh eyes and new understanding.

As the 5th most influential economist online in the world, he is widely regarded for his brave and accurate forecasts and predictions. In his efforts to demystify it and make it accessible to all, he brings the ‘dismal science’ of economics vividly to life with his wit, relaxed style and acute understanding of his subject matter.

David’s drive to bring economics and ideas to the masses extends far beyond the stage and encompasses everything from literature and politics to climate and societal trends.  His podcast is ranked one of the most listened to in Ireland. David has written four bestsellers and is an influential columnist with The Irish Times. He is also a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum, and a regular contributor to Google’s famed Zeitgeist conference and other leading think tanks around the world.

In this keynote presentation at Reliability Ireland, David will explore  how  global supply chain issues, rising interest rates,  inflation,  ESG drivers, climate change and other issues  might impact project planning.