Keith Edwards

Head of Kaizen Plant Project Support Group and Maintenance Training, Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK)

Moving from reactive to pro-active maintenance at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Deeside

Coming from an agricultural equipment and aerospace manufacturing background in the UK and US, Keith has been with Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) in Deeside for the past 27 years.

As section manager of Toyota’s Maintenance Department, Keith has played an instrumental role in moving maintenance operations from re-active firefighting to pro-active planned maintenance. For the past five years, he has headed the Toyota Lean Management Centre (TLMC). Recently he has moved to manage Toyota’s Kaizen Plant Project Support Group and Maintenance Training Department

At Reliability Ireland 2019, Keith will talk about targeting zero breakdowns at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, using Lean tools such as waste elimination, standardisation, visualisation and use of data to problem solve, whilst developing members ability to use traditional skills alongside new technology.