Christopher Hallum, CMRP

Regional Manager, UK & Ireland, UE SYSTEMS

Ultrasound Technology for Condition Monitoring & Energy Management

UE Systems has been an internationally recognised leader in the development of airborne and structure-borne ultrasound detection equipment since 1973.

Christopher is an electrical engineer with significant experience, including 13 years’ in the UK Royal Air Force. He is qualifying as a technical trainer and has experience teaching many engineering principles. With additional qualifications in the railway signalling engineering area, for example, he has been involved in teaching the railway engineers of the future.

Having gained Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) status, in the past few years, he has begun to spread the knowledge of ultrasound as a tool to aid in predictive maintenance strategies across industry. His presentation at Reliability Ireland 2019 will focus on using ultrasound technology for condition monitoring and energy management.