AVT Reliability & Machine Sentry

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AVT Reliability® is a leading provider of a full range of products and services focused on helping you improve plant efficiency, reliability and safety; the three key factors for the successful management and optimal performance of any plant or asset.

Reliability Solutions

For the ultimate solution in reliability management, Machine Sentry® integrates operation, condition and maintenance data in a web hosted system. Many different parameters, such as visual inspection, vibration analysis, thermal imaging and lubrication management are tracked in this one database, providing a complete view of all maintenance and performance operations on site, that can be visualised through the cloud based service platform anywhere at the click of a button.

Effective condition monitoring requires more than just the right equipment. It also requires, the ability to obtain and interpret data correctly to make a diagnosis that will ensure ongoing reliability.

AVT Reliability® has extensive knowledge and experience gained over many years of condition monitoring, combining instrumentation and extensive expertise to improve reliability, safety, and energy optimisation….. all leading to less downtime, greater efficiency and productivity and ultimately achieving cost savings as a direct result.

Find out how we can combine our expertise with the Machine Sentry® product suite to ensure ongoing reliability for you.