Asset Analytix

Over the past two decades, Asset Analytix has become a global leader in Analytics Driven Asset Performance Management for asset-intensive industries.

We work to understand your Asset’s performance; transform operations to improve ROI & mitigate risk; and evolve your organisation to sustain an analytics-driven organisational culture.

We are helping customers in major asset-intensive sectors like aerospace, chemicals, energy & water utilities, life sciences, manufacturing, metals & mining, oil & gas, rail and transportation in improving their asset management programmes by:

  • Improving data quality needed for asset performance
  • Reducing asset risk and failures
  • Optimising maintenance expenditure

Asset Analytix is an Asset Performance Management consulting firm, based out of USA and India. We provide consulting services to improve customer’s asset performance and optimise their capital and operational spending. Our consulting services are primarily across four areas of Asset Performance Management.

  • Operational & Reporting Analysis
  • Asset Performance Consulting
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis
  • Performance Review  & Analysis

Our offerings are aligned to SMRP, ISO 55000, Uptime elements (ReliabilityWeb).