Alex Oliveira, CMRP, MSc, MBA

Senior Engineering Manager at ILC Dover, Biopharmaceutical Solutions Unit

Modern Asset Management: Life Cycle strategic planning from Capex FEL through Decommissioning

Alex Oliveira has 23 years experience, working in distinct areas, from highly regulated segments such as Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices to vastly automated and complex sectors such as Chemicals, Packaging, and FMCG.

Starting as Project Engineer in 1999 for the Energy & Infrastructure Sectors, at the beginning of 2001 he migrated to the industrial field, working as an Electronic Engineer, gaining a robust technical background at a high-performance, deeply automated, cleanroom environment facility of a French Fibre Optic Manufacturer, today Alcatel-Lucent.

Over the years, benefiting from his maintenance & engineering background (also supported by his Master’s Degree & MBA), he has been leading cross-functional teams, programmes, and processes for global companies, beyond the borders of his home country Brazil, acquiring relevant international experience, working in multi-cultural environments, developing projects in and for countries such as United States, Germany, Italy & Argentine.

In 2019, supported by  previous pharma experiences at Baxter & Eli Lilly, he moved to Europe, accepting the challenge of contributing to the reliability engineering of an MSD Vaccines facility, in County Cork.

Working today as Senior Engineering Manager of ILC Dover, a Biopharmaceutical Solutions manufacturer also in Cork,  in his free time, he  contributes to the engineering community as a speaker at events & technical conferences, as well as an article writer for specialized magazines & websites.