Chartered engineer, Irish Naval Service

Ronan Carey

Lt Cdr Ronan Carey is a chartered engineer and has been serving with the Irish Naval Service for twenty years.

The Irish Naval Service (INS) is the State’s principle sea going agency with a general responsibility to meet contingent and actual maritime defence requirements.  These responsibilities and roles present a broad range of missions that the INS must undertake; defence of territorial seas, deterrence of intrusive or aggressive acts, conducting maritime surveillance, maintaining an armed naval presence, ensuring rite of passage, and protecting marine assets.  These missions are conducted on a 24/7/365 basis in the largest maritime domain to land ratio of any NW EU state encompassing almost one million square kilometres. These missions are also conducted globally where the government recognises the unique capability of the navy for furthering policy objectives in the international maritime domain.  In this context, reliability of platform assets and whole fleet reliability are of critical importance.

Ronan has served in appointments both ashore and at sea. All of these roles have involved leading engineering teams to ensure the availability and reliability of naval assets to meet operational requirements. Ronan is currently in charge of Planning & Inspectorate Unit which is responsible for ensuring the efficient, reliable and cost effective performance of naval vessels. The unit review asset condition and schedule all major refits and dry docks for the fleet. Planning and Inspectorate are the first line of technical support to naval ships that may experience technical difficulties while on operations.

Ronan holds an MLA II and has been proactive in directing the INS approach to greater awareness and quality management of lubricants throughout the naval fleet. This approach has proven valuable in the preparation of naval ships in their deployment to the Mediterranean Sea as part of a bi-lateral agreement and a European response to the migrant crisis.  Ronan’s presentation will outline how Naval Engineers have achieved increased levels of machinery availability and reliability by considering the lubricant as an asset rather than a consumable.