Founder and director of ISE

Sandro Berchiolli

Mr. Sandro Berchiolli founder and director of ISE has been working in the Reliability and Predictive Maintenance field for multinational companies and organizations worldwide for over 20 Years.

ISE is involved in Reliability, Maintenance Consulting, Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring in national and international companies in Pharmaceutical, Wind Power Industry, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and other industries.

ISE’s Predictive maintenance implementation plans are developed with a multi-disciplinary approach, which embraces the entire range of the best available technologies: vibration measurements, thermography, ultrasounds, electrical measures and other. Predictive methodologies allow the upgrading of the maintenance management of a plant to reach better reliability and ensure better economic performances. A thorough approach to the machine’s life cycle pays off.

The fundamental idea is to implement and choose maintenance strategies and maintenance plans designed to reach a strong reliability with defined costs to improve productive performances. Optimization of the efficiency of the machines helps to minimize the risk of unexpected failures and extend the machinery’s life.