Fleury Engineering Services Ltd

Mark Fleury

A mechanical engineer with over 20 year’s experience , Mark is the owner of Fleury Engineering Services Ltd.

After gaining construction and maintenance experience in different industries from Power Generation, Oil and Gas and Pharmaceutical Mark formed Fleury Engineering. The purpose of the company is to  help clients achieve reliability through clean oil and fuel systems. This is achieved through services and manufacturing divisions. As an advocate of continuous improvement the company helps clients to overcome reactive maintenance issues by delivering solutions to treat root causes.

Since foundation in 2000 , the company now has offices in Dublin, Cork and Kerry and serves European, American and Middle and Eastern markets. With a current workforce of 15 , Mark is responsible for business development and technical innovation.

As a previous contributor to Reliability Ireland and holder of ICML MLA II qualification Mark is passionate about the role education and furthering awareness to benefit both clients and society.