Sales Engineer, Butler Technologies

David Doyle

David Doyle has worked with Butler Technologies for 12 years and has sold and supported Flir thermal imaging cameras along with UE Systems ultrasonic test equipment.

David qualified as a Level 1 thermographer in 2007 and a level 2 thermographer in 2016, he also provides itc training to users of thermal cameras. He has used thermal cameras in fields as diverse as agriculture and semiconductor manufacturing. David also qualified as a level 1 ultrasound tester in 2015 as Butler Technologies believes in partnership with both the equipment manufacturers and the customers who use the equipment. He provides regular training courses both at Butler Technologies and on customer sites, these courses can be general or focused on a particular topic. David’s original qualification is industrial electronics but from working with a wide range of test equipment he has expanded this to mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and many other fields.