Technical Director, T.E. Laboratories

Breda Moore

Breda Moore is a chemist with over 20 years’ experience in Analytical Chemistry.

Breda joined T.E. Laboratories in 1999 and has been the Technical Director since 2003.   Since this time, she has been responsible for the general running of the laboratories, expanding the range of testing carried out in the laboratories and introducing formal Quality Systems such as ISO 17025 Accreditation and ISO 9001 certification. Over the years, the company has expanded through diversification, innovation and acquisi­tion. Current operating divisions include: Lubricating Oil “Machine Care” laboratory, Transformer oil “Transcheck” laboratory, both of these labs generate data using chemical analysis which helps engineers and maintenance technicians to identify problems that will impact on the reliability of assets.  In addition to these 2 labs, Breda is also responsible for the Environmental Analysis Laboratory, Chemical Manufacturing laboratory and an R&D centre The TReND Institute.

Prior to working in T.E. Laboratories, Breda worked in the mining industry & contract analytical laboratories