Tuesday 12th September 2017

Time wdt_ID Main Parallel
Morning 2 Registration
4 Opening Address and welcome.
Pat Deering, TD Carlow-Kilkenny
6 Opening Keynote
Mark Gallagher
Reliability on the Edge" Insights on reliability from the F1 industry

Technical Keynote Session

9 Martin Williamson - KEW Engineering Reliability, the environment and, health and safety; synergistic strategies that can be improved through best practices in maintenance.
11 Rich Wurzbach - MRG Labs
Lubricant Cleanliness: How Dirty Oils and Filthy Greases are Robbing Money from Your Company
13 Lunch
Afternoon 15 Parallel Session 1 Parallel Session 2



17 Michael Holloway - ALS
When to Use Wear Debris Analysis
Breda Moore- T.E Laboratories
Factors for consideration in obtaining a representative Transformer Oil Sample

Wednesday 13th September 2017

Time wdt_ID Main Parallel
Morning 35 Opening Keynote "Reliability at the edge.. Lessons learnt from Space"
Leo Enright
37 Panel Discussion The impact of failure from different industry perspectives
38 Hosted by:
41 Parallel Sessions 1 Parallel Sessions 2



43 Dan Walsh - Spectro Scientific
On-site wear metal analysis for optimized equipment maintenance
John Evans - Hy-pro Filtration
Filter Efficiency Testing
44 Mark Fleury - Fleury Engineering
Lubrication Management – The Myth of Reliability without System
Jan Foged - CC Jensen
Oil related reliability & contamination control
45 Greg Miller- Savant Inc
Innovative RPVOT Technology, Condition Monitoring and an in situ Sampling Technique Used to Monitor Lubricant Oxidation
Damien McDonnell, Managing Director of Polar IceTech 
Reliability in Cleaning: Extending Component Life & Production Cycles with Cryogenic Cleaning
46 Ray O'Neill - ESS
So you want to be a Reliability Engineer – is it all just (Wei)bull?
Angus MacDonald- Lubrication Engineers
Advanced Lubrication Strategies Help Company Increase Uptime & Reduce Costs
49 Lunch