Keynote Speakers

Pat Gilroy

Managing Director of Designer Group in Ireland

Pat has worked in the Energy, Waste, Water and Construction sectors for the last 17 years at CEO or COO level.

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Leo Enright

Space journalist, radio broadcaster and news reporter

Starting as a schoolboy space commentator in the 1960s, Leo Enright has broadcast live commentaries on every major space event since the first Moon landing and as a foreign correspondent with RTE and the BBC was accredited to the White House under every administration from Gerald Ford to George W. Bush.

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Mark Gallagher

Founder and CEO of Performance Insights Ltd

Mark Gallagher has held senior management roles within Formula One motor racing over the last 30 years.   Founder and CEO of Performance Insights Ltd, he is also co-commentator and Formula One analyst for broadcasters including the BBC, ESPN and Sky Sports F1.

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Rich Wurzbach

President, MRG Laboratories

Rich started his career in 1989, developing an oil analysis lab and maintenance reliability programs at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Under his leadership, MRG Labs was founded in 2007, and has become recognized as a global leader in grease analysis technology. Rich holds two US patents…

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Martin Williamson

B.Sc.(Mech.)Eng. CMRP MLA MLT

Martin Williamson is a graduate Mechanical Engineer from the University of Cape Town and began his maintenance career working in the mining industry. This experience included condition monitoring with a focus on oil analysis and Tribology. In 1994, Martin joined Pall Filtration and provided technical support on their contamination monitoring instruments to clients in a…

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